Senior Minister Succession

God has seen fit for Mt. Gilead Church to be in existence and thriving for 188 years now. One of the primary reasons Mt. Gilead has grown and flourished for all these years is the quality, character, and depth of leadership.  

Someone once said that every leader serves as an interim. Succession is a natural and healthy part of every organization. Lord willing, Mt. Gilead Church will still be thriving long after all of us have gone. Each of us, as church members, are responsible to steward our role in the church well during our time.

For the past 35 years, Jeff Faull has certainly stewarded his role in the church well. His faithful preaching, steady hand, and wise oversight has enabled the church to grow and flourish during his time. Knowing the time would eventually come to find the next Senior Minister, Jeff began preparing the church and the Elders for his eventual succession almost four years ago.  

Mt. Gilead’s leaders began preparing for a succession process back in January of 2020. This process was eventually completed through the writing of internal documents, and then placed on a shelf until Jeff felt it was time to begin the process. Jeff is now 61 and ready to begin the search process. This is his choice and he initiated it. Jeff is not retiring from ministry. He feels called to more and different opportunities, and he wants to take advantage of these opportunities sooner than later.

Mt. Gilead is a healthy church with a significant influence in our community and our world. 2023 has been an incredible year of of growth for Mt. Gilead, and Jeff feels that transitioning to a new, younger leader at this time will enable Mt. Gilead to continue to grow and thrive. Jeff feels the best years are ahead for Mt. Gilead.  


Key aspects of our Succession Plan:

  • Mt. Gilead Leadership has been working on a succession plan since 2019. In January 2020, the Elder team began working on succession documents and engaged a consultant.
  • We have begun a national search.
  • A small team of Elders and Executive Leadership will vet candidates and narrow the group to 3-5 candidates based on our search profile and unique church culture.
  • The best candidate will then be invited to Mt. Gilead for interviews that include staff, elders, and selected participants from the congregation. The Elders, after having time to pray and confirm the Lord’s leading, will extend an invitation to the selected candidate.
  • The congregation will be introduced to our selected candidate and have an opportunity to affirm him through a congregational vote, per our by-laws.
  • After his arrival, we will have a season of overlap Jeff and his successor working together.



We are looking for a man that is Biblically qualified for church leadership; and has the character, chemistry, calling, experience, and skills to help lead a large church. We are looking for someone that loves our basic vision, mission, values, and aligns with our beliefs. We are looking to add someone to our leadership team that will amplify and multiply Mt. Gilead’s ministry efforts. We want someone that desires to build on the foundation that has been laid here at Mt. Gilead. We are also looking for someone that is willing to move to Mooresville, make it home, and truly invest in our community. We are looking for a dynamic communicator that will help us all know and love the Word of God while challenging not-yet and new believers to take steps of faith and helping all of us grow closer to Jesus in practical ways.



Please pray for our elders and our staff team as we go through the search process. God has always been faithful in bringing the right people at the right time to Mt. Gilead.

Continue to give, serve, and love people as you already do. Continue to invest yourself in the mission of God as we live it out at Mt. Gilead. 



Is Jeff retiring?

Absolutely not! You won’t find anyone using the word “retirement” to describe this next step in Jeff’s ministry. Jeff has some future opportunities that he believes the Lord has uniquely positioned him for, and he wants to move toward those tasks as God wills.



If you have a question about the succession process, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our Executive Minister.