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The Path of Totality

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April 7

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): April 7

Video Resource: Discovering The Gospel of Jesus by Tim Keller - This is a 10-minute video; please watch through to the end as Tim makes a connection between Genesis and Jesus on the cross.

Video Resource: Jesus: The Word of God by John Piper - A 20-min Sermon on Jesus as “The Word” by John Piper.

Podcast Resource: Questions About Jesus' Identity: A Podcast - Tim and Jon with the Bible Project responded to seven questions related to Jesus and his part in the divine identity in the Bible.

Video Resource: The Case for Christ: Study Resource - Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Skeptics dismiss the Jesus of the Gospels by claiming there is no evidence in the case for Christ. Lee Strobel disagrees. The former legal journalist and one-time atheist knows to ask tough questions. His own search for truth about Jesus led him to faith in Christ.

Video Resource: Jesus is the King of the World: 6-min Video - What is the good news of the Gospel? Jesus' arrival on Earth was a royal announcement. He was there to establish God's Kingdom and change everything.