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The Goal and Priority of Motherhood

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May 12

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): May 12

Video Resource: Good Enough Parent: 15-Video Series - This is an important new 15-video series designed to help “good enough” Christian parent/caregivers of teens and tweens become “more-good-enough” parents. Today, Christian parents are very frustrated, and according to Barna, 84% of them are worried that their child will leave their faith. With the pandemic, increasing violence, financial/economic worries, school shootings, social media, drugs, teenage loneliness, anxiety is on the rise.

Video Resource: Identity In Christ: 8-min Video by Tim Keller - What kind of identity do we need? Know that the Lord of the universe loves you; He died for you.

Study Resource: Jesus’ Authority: An Article - But who is this Jesus? The answer to that question is more important than anything else. Jesus raised the same question with his disciples: “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16:15). Back then several answers were suggested. That is still the case today (John Caldwell).

Study Resource: Reality, Grace, and Truth: An Article - Through the Law of Moses, humanity was gifted the truth of God. The Jewish nation was blessed because of the godly guidelines in the Law of Moses. Grace, on the other hand, was introduced with the incarnation when God showed up in Jesus to be the very penalty the law demanded (Mark Moore).
Study Resource: Authentic Community: An Article - The original idea for connection in groups came from God himself. God exists in community. After all, God always has been, and always will be, three persons in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created us in his image. When we gather in community, we reflect his nature. Small groups are not just the latest program fad in churches. Groups and authentic community come from the very essence of God (Rick Lowry).