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Strength in Weakness

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September 3

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): September 3

Video Resource: Can God Use Broken People? - Jon killed his best friend and maimed another in a drunk-driving accident. Jon is remorseful as he wonders how God could forgive him or if God could ever use him after what he's done. This powerful real-life story illustrates that no matter what you've done, you can confess it to the Lord and in His grace, He will forgive you and He can use you to make a difference.

Video Resource: Ruling the World through Weakness in Psalm 8 - Why would the creator of the universe choose to rule the world through the babbling cries of needy humans? Psalm 8 describes Yahweh as the King of creation who made dependent humans his royal partners. This is unexpected and wonderful news to those who understand their need for God.

Study Resource: Scripture & Commentary: Judges 3:12-30

Video Resource: Uncaged: God’s Promise of Freedom - The cage of your past can rob you of your present and future. Guilt and shame can weigh down your life. But God has promised to forgive. In Christ, there is no condemnation. This talk explores the freedom of forgiveness and how to move past the past.