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Reboot: The Path to Discipleship

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Trust and Follow Jesus (Conversations to fuel discipleship) by Bobby Harrington (Author)
Trust and Follow Jesus is a guide both for those who are unsure of their faith and for devout Christians. It will establish key teachings of the faith found in Scripture. You’ll walk away with your mind informed, your heart enlivened, and your hands activated by the gospel of Jesus Christ.



February 19, 2023

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): February 19

Video: Who is God? Holy Spirit - by Francis Chan  - God gives each of us the gift of the Holy Spirit, our source of supernatural power. But today the church acts neither "super" nor "natural." How do we join the move of what the Spirit is doing?

Study Resource: The help of the Holy Spirit by Priscilla Shirer - You know that moment when you’re sitting in church and feel like the sermon was written for you? Listen as author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer describes the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.


Students Video: Fruits of the Spirit - Starting in middle school, Emily began to feel excluded at church. This eventually led to depression and anger at God. After experiencing the Lord's grace through the words of her youth leader, Emily decided to make it her mission to include new people who come to her church. 


Childrens Videos: Fruits of the Spirit - 10 videos