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Money Talks

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August 27

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): August 27

Study Resource: Why God Gives Us Money with Max Lucado - Are you struggling with debt? Are you unsatisfied with your possessions? Maybe you need a financial readjustment. Max Lucado, author and pastor, looks to Scripture and explains four reasons why God gives us money.

Study Resource: Why Do You Give? Being Intentional... Why Do You Give? Being Intentional... - Have you ever considered why you give? What is the real, driving force behind your motivation to share your resources? Henry Kaestner, Managing Principal of Sovereign's Capital, shares about the positive impact that thinking through his reasons for giving has made on his life and work.

Video Resource: Financial Stewardship for Teens - In this course, teens will learn how to be faithful stewards with their money. Lessons included are God's role vs. our role, budgeting, giving, financial integrity, and the importance of attitude. Each video-driven lesson consists of questions, thoughtful sessions, and daily action steps designed to bring true heart transformation to the student. 

Study Resource: Dave Ramsey: Answers life's tough money questions - Dave Ramsey started on only one Nashville station back in 1992 where he shared practical answers for life's tough money questions. Today, the show reaches over 18 million combined listeners every week. A lot has changed through the years, but Dave and his team's practical advice on life and money has remained the same—and has helped

Study Resource: Wealth Conundrum by Ralph Doudera - A Conundrum is a problem where the answer is very complex. This book is for everyone; maybe they have too much money, or maybe not enough. It's a must read for those who raise money for worthy causes, and for those who need to give more. Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down as the author takes you from the crisis of the stock market crash to the streets of Calcutta where he learned the true value of wealth from Mother Teresa. Be prepared for surprises on this journey.