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Easter 2023 Celebrate New Life

This Week's Sermon Study Guide 

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Trust and Follow Jesus (Conversations to fuel discipleship) by Bobby Harrington (Author)
Trust and Follow Jesus is a guide both for those who are unsure of their faith and for devout Christians. It will establish key teachings of the faith found in Scripture. You’ll walk away with your mind informed, your heart enlivened, and your hands activated by the gospel of Jesus Christ.



April 9, 2023

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): April 9

Study Resource: Why did Jesus Rise on the Third Day? (Brief Essay) - When we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, we are not just following a historic tradition. We are engaging in a deeply meaningful theology centered around the third day and God’s redemptive work.

Video:  Good Friday and Easter by Francis Chan (2 Brief Videos) - In these sessions from The Gospel of Mark, Francis Chan teaches on Jesus’s death and resurrection and challenges us to consider how to live our lives in light of his sacrifice and victory over death.

Video:  What's So Good About Good Friday - Must Watch 5-minute video. So, what's so good about Good Friday? The blood of Jesus can reverse the curse of sin and raise the dead to life.

Study Resource: The Empty Tomb - John 20:1-18 - Scripture, NIV

Study Resource: The Empty Tomb - John 20:1-18 - Commentary


Children's Video Resource: 5-Minute Family Devotionals for Easter Week - Wondering how to make the most of Easter with your family? Check out the 5-Minute Family Devotional from JellyTelly! Eight days of short video devotionals will help your family celebrate the importance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection this Easter.