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Better Call Paul

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November 26

Sermon Study Guide (pdf): November 26

Study Resource: Bible Commentary: 2 Timothy 4:1–18

Video Resource: 2 Timothy: Bible Project 8-min Video - What is the book of 2 Timothy about in the Bible? Watch as we explain its major themes and gain a deeper understanding of its place in the biblical story.

Video Resource: Households of Faith - Making our households more hospitable toward outsiders is a challenge. Viewers learn that by applying spiritual disciplines, extending hospitality, and engaging in spiritual conversations they can transform their households into more open and engaging places. With Scriptures verses, family testimonies, and research to reinforce these objectives, this user-friendly resource can help make any household a place where God's love is shared, and people are encouraged to learn more about Jesus.

Study Resource: Helping Your Kids Grow in Their Faith - God created the family to be the primary place where faith and character are formed, but many parents feel ill-equipped to nurture faith in their children. Phil Vischer, Creator of "VeggieTales" and Founder of, talks about the parents' role and offers simple tips in helping your kids grow in their faith.

Study Resource: Faith Foundations: David Platt - Whether we’ve been Christians for years, discovered faith in Jesus recently, or are still wondering what it’s all about, we share similar questions about why and how to live out our faith. We wonder: What are we made for? What does it look like to know God deeply? Why are we called to reflect his light to those around us—and how do we do that? Join author and pastor David Platt in his ten-session series as he examines foundational truths for becoming mature disciples of Christ.