What is a Place at the Table?

During the next two years, we are directing our generosity into one fund—a single fund that includes operating expenses, internal and external ministry and outreach, discipleship, and site expansion.

Every aspect of the one fund is focused on our mission of disciple becoming. Helping people become disciples and helping them “become” as disciples. We invite you to ask God how you are being called to pursue generosity. Consider what your life might look like had you not found a place at Mt. Gilead.

A Place for... Our Community 

There are 44,000 unchurched people of Morgan County. They need a place at the table and many of them don’t even know it. A 1,200 seat auditorium will enable us to have two services of adequate length in the time frames that our community has proven most likely to attend.

worship auditorium
A Place for... Our Next Generation 
The momentum and substance of our family ministries, both children and student ministries, are visibly growing in front of us insuring that our children and grandchildren have a place at the table. We are building partnerships between church and families, marking the milestones as we go, bringing the next generations to the table and we need space to do that. Our building needs are more than just an adult worship center. The space that will be provided for children’s ministry in the existing worship center is vital to our ministry. 
A Place For... Our World
We have been strategically rearranging our mission budget to help bring people to God’s table all over the world. Africa, India, Philippines, Dominican, Italy, Canada and for the last several years we have been assisting and evaluating works in Australia. Our missionary to India reported 1965 baptisms in 2016. When you see Mt. Gilead House for AIDS orphans in Africa, a room done by our teams at a Bible College in Prince Edward Island, a church built in the Philippines by our generosity, or a ministry center subsidized by our gifts in Italy—we know people are being brought to the table. We are making room and setting places all around the world. By the end of this initiative we plan to have a table influence on every continent.
A Place For... Our Neighbors in Need

Our benevolence and outreach efforts are designed to show the love of Christ by humbly meeting needs in our community. Whether it’s food or clothing, a visitation or prison ministry, or any of the Matthew 25 type endeavors—we long to help people see that we do indeed have a place at the table. MG House continues to operate with various functions, but most importantly, it houses Morgan County Food Rescue—a ministry we partner with to provide food to people all over this region. We also continue to cooperate with Churches in Mission to combat poverty in Morgan County. Our plan for 2017-18 is to increase our outreach with a combination of new/existing efforts providing service opportunities for everyone in the process.
A Place for... Discipleship

Increase in Knowledge
Scripture says that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. You have probably noticed the increased presence and promotion of MG University. We want this congregation to grow in the knowledge of Christ and so we are experimenting with different subjects, nights, instructors and venues for deeper discipleship so that we might offer more places at the table for the bread of life.
A Place for... Kingdom Workers

Prepare and Send
One additional under-celebrated strength of MG is the steady stream of kingdom workers and interns that have gone and continue to launch from MG. Many of them are serving in significant works. A place at the table helps us prepare more servants and send them into ministry. We have two more young couples from MG launching ministries now. Mac and Kaitlin Silvey will be in New Guinea, and Trey and Bailey Faull have committed to church planting work in Boston.
New Worship Center
Campus Renovations
Global Missions
Community Influence
Increase in Knowledge
Prepare and Send