Hope Gardens

Hope Gardens was started in 2011 as a ministry of Mt. Gilead that grows produce for the hungry in our community. Hope Gardens is located on Mt. Gilead’s 50-acre property behind the church building. Most of the produce is donated to one of our local mission partners, Churches in Mission. Every year we see this ministry grow due to the labor of love provided by volunteers. In fact, we have seen this ministry double and triple in size due to how well it has been received.

One of the unique things about Hope Gardens is how we operate it. The Garden is divided into plots, and families or small groups are able to adopt a plot of Hope Gardens and work it for the benefit of those who will eventually receive the food. Families in need of food are also able to adopt a plot and work it as a way to provide healthy food for their family.

Hope Gardens is always in need of people and groups to beautify, maintain, repair, mentor, and keep the garden growing through the season.

Michelle Smith leads the team of volunteers with Hope Gardens. She will be the first one to tell you the amazing blessing you get from growing food as a ministry to serve others. Michelle involves her family as a way to teach her children that it is better to give than receive.

Would you be willing to join Michelle and the Hope Gardens team? We are in need of people to work the garden, vegetable plants, seeds, monetary donations, and gardening supplies.

If you would like to get involved in Hope Gardens, please contact Michelle Smith at 317-441-7325. You can also reach her via email at henhilton1@gmail.com.


A Tribute to Larry Diersing

Hope Gardens would not be possible without one of our beloved elders, Larry Diersing. Larry passed away in April 2016, but part of his incredible life legacy lives on through the ministry of Hope Gardens. The concept of Hope Gardens at Mt. Gilead was developed by Larry in 2011 and we watched him go to work in building it. Larry not only built the first garden plot, he also built and developed the team who still works the garden to this day. Hope Gardens embodies some of Larry’s most admirable characteristics in that he spent his efforts on behalf of the Lord and gave his time, his energy, and his love to people in need of Jesus.

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