Beginner Bible Bowl

Why Beginner Bible Bowl?

Simply to change your family's life. We know that in several months your child will have learned more about the Bible than most of us have learned in our lifetime. We teach the Scriptures through fun games and we know that anyone who participates will come away with a new love for learning God's Word. We invite parents to volunteer and learn along with their children. We promise an intense study that will be incredibly fun!

Who is Beginner Bible Bowl?

It is lots of dedicated 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and many volunteers. The National Bible Bowl Office and Board of Directors in Cincinnati, Ohio, publishes all materials and rules. Beginner Bible Bowl at Mt. Gilead is directed by all volunteers. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in our ministry. A 1:4 ratio is needed to run this program with excellence.

What is Beginner Bible Bowl?

Students study the text and the questions provided and will compete monthly on teams in a quick recall format. Practices are filled with games that help participants learn the Bible.

Competitions are similar to a game of Quick Recall. Biblical facts are preset each year by the National Bible Bowl Office and Board of Directors. Half of these are general questions which cover the entire Bible. The other half are selected from a book or books of the Bible.

The game is between two teams (three or four players each) being quizzed over the preset Biblical facts. The quizmaster reads the questions and awards points to the team who buzzes first with the correct answer. Also, taking part in the game are a timekeeper (each game being 10 minutes), buzzer board operator, and scorekeepers for each team.

In order to reap the benefits of Beginner Bible Bowl, players will need to commit at least 15 minutes a day to study. Players must study at home before coming to practice. This is an awesome program if you commit yourself to learning God's Word.

How do you become a Beginner Bible Bowler?

If you are interested in becoming a player or if you have more questions, please contact Stacy Helton by phone at 317.834.8185 or email Listed below is some important information for those interested in becoming a player:

  • Make a commitment to play Beginner Bible Bowl
  • Come to the information meeting (or contact Stacy)
  • Turn in a completed registration form and fees
  • You will receive a binder with all of the study materials you need at the first practice







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