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pdf Devoted to Doctrine: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE October 18 2015.pdf

Devoted to Doctrine: Doctrine is simply what the Bible teaches about a given
topic. Studying the Bible will help you understand yourself, the world around you, and Jesus.

pdf Devoted to Fellowship: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE October 25 2015.pdf

Devoted to Fellowship: Biblical fellowship is much more than a church potluck.
Fellowship is how God intended for the church to grow into a dwelling place for His Spirit.

pdf Devoted to Jesus: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE October 11 2015.pdf

Devoted to Jesus: This week we will look at how Jesus describes a devotedfollower, and what we can all do to become more devoted followers of Jesus.

pdf Devoted to Mission: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE November 15 2015.pdf

Devoted to Mission: The entire Bible is about the mission of God. The mission of Jesus was to glorify God the Father. Our mission is to glorify Christ. We do that when we live devoted to mission.

pdf Devoted to Prayer: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE November 8 2015.pdf

Devoted to Prayer: Prayer is the believers lifeline to God. This study guide seeks to help you develop a healthy prayer life where you can see God as a Father and go to Him in confidence.

pdf Devoted to the Breaking of Bread: Study Guide Popular

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LIFEGROUP STUDY GUIDE November 1 2015.pdf

To the Breaking of Bread: The early church set a precedent for us in their observance of the Lord’s Supper. This study serves to give understanding on our practice of communion.

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