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A weekly blend of articles about the Kingdom work that is happening around Mt. Gilead Church.
Dave Thurman

Sabbatical Update 5

Mt. Gilead Family: All good things must come to an end, and my Sabbatical concludes this weekend. In truth, I am extremely excited to see all of you this coming Sunday, and to get acclimated into ministry once again.The past couple weeks I was able to enjoy quiet contemplation in the midst of the incredible beauty of Lake Erie. My sist...
Dave Thurman

Sabbatical Update 4

Mt. Gilead Family: As I sit down to compose this blog entry I am at Chicago O'Hare Airport returning from three weeks in Zimbabwe. What a wonderful time I had in the land where I grew up as a boy, a place I love because of its scenic beauty, but even more, because of its amazing people.In Sabbatical Update 3 I told you about my vi...
Dave Thurman

Sabbatical Update 3

Greetings, Mt. Gilead Family! After a couple nights in Dubai, exploring that interesting desert city, I have now been in Zimbabwe for a little more than a week and it has been an amazing experience.First, my coworker, Zebedee Togarepi, and I went to Chidamoyo Christian Hospital, deep in the bush of northwest Zimbabwe. The hos...
Dave Thurman

Sabbatical Update 2

As I sit down to write this I am only a few hours from heading off on the second leg of my Sabbatical, flying to Zimbabwe via Dubai.

Dave Thurman

Sabbatical Update 1

Yes, they actually let me play the djembe third service on my last Sunday before Sabbatical.
Over the next two months, while I am on Sabbatical, I plan to provide occasional updates so long as I have internet access.My intention in this initial blog is to share my sincere appreciation for this incredible opportunity and to provide a quick overview of what I will be doing.First, let me say thank you to everyone who is making this dream a re...

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